At The Blue Coat School we aim to foster a love of History by bringing the subject alive through interactive study.  Each topic is introduced with a ‘Wow’ day. These include a visit from a Roman soldier, a caveman and experiencing a day in the life of a typical Tudor.

The children investigate characteristic features of past societies and periods and explore key events in each of these time periods. They learn what life would have been like and compare and contrast this to life today.

During their History lessons, pupils will work with a variety of sources to investigate key events and historical figures and evaluate sources of information and identify those that are useful for particular tasks.

By the end of their time at Blue Coat, the children will have learned about the Romans, the Stone Age, the Victorians, Aztecs, Tudors, Vikings and Anglo Saxons, the Indus Valley, Ancient Greeks and Egyptians, and also World War One.