Prep Curriculum

At The Blue Coat School, we ensure that the Prep curriculum is compelling, varied and accessible. Our aim is for children to look forward to lessons and enjoy the process of learning. We do this through dynamic teaching and innovative methods to transform learning for our pupils.


Subjects taught in the Prep curriculum


Specialist teachers for all Prep year groups


Hours each week dedicated to physical activity

1:1 iPads

In Prep, every pupil is given their own, school-owned iPad which is used in a variety of innovative ways in each subject. Pupils having their own iPad enables a transformative approach to learning at The Blue Coat School, whereby teachers have the support of digital technology to share direct instructions on methodologies. Teachers can leave feedback on pupils’ work via written comments or audio clips to ensure feedback is properly understand by the pupils. The support of iPads has endless benefits including utilising educational apps to clarify individual’s learning in real time to identify who needs additional support. 

Two girls sat in the School Hall smile at the camera.

The BCS Blue

The Blue Coat School has an outstanding academic record and our pupils make rapid progress in all areas of the curriculum. 

The School monitors pupil’s progress with a bespoke assessment tool: The BCS Blue. It is a secure, web-based interface in which staff, parents and pupils can view achievements, progress, and the next steps. It has been shortlisted for two notable national awards which recognise The BCS Blue’s holistic approach and use of technology. 

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