For parents who need to drop their child off before the Year Group Hubs open at 8am, there is a Breakfast Club available from 7.30am Monday to Friday. 

Breakfast Club is available for children in Reception to Year 6 at a cost of £3 per day.

Breakfast Club

A girl cheerfully eating her School lunch opposite her friend sat in the Blue Coat School's cafeteria
A girl cheerfully eating her School lunch opposite her friend sat in the Blue Coat School's cafeteria


Prep pupils can arrive any time from 8am. They should be dropped off at their Year Group Hub where their Head of Year will welcome them each morning. Their Year Group Hubs are equipped with games, toys, books and comfortable spaces to socialise with their friends before School starts.


School starts with registration. Therefore, if your child is not in School by 8.20am, they will be classed as late.

Blue Coat students happily study sat at their desk in their classroom


Lessons begin at 8.50am after Tutor Time. Each Form’s timetable is different. They may begin the day with Maths, Computing, a Chapel Service or Humanities. There are two 50-minute lessons before morning break.

A teacher pointing to France on the map and smiling towards a pupil.


Prep children have a breaktime when they can also have a snack of fruit. Pupils are allowed to explore the School site under the supervision of Breaktime Supervisors. They have a choice of playing sport on the AstroTurf or court, playing in the adventure playground, playing table tennis in the quad and in the summer months, they can play on the front field. 

On certain days, the Prep community groups such as School Council or Eco-Committee meet during morning breaktime.

Three girls walk along with their arms around each other and laughing.


Prep pupils have two more lessons before lunchtime. All Forms will also have ‘ERIC’, either before or after lunch. This stands for Everyone Reading In Class. This 25-minute lesson is a key component of the School day in Prep.

Two boys sat at the desk with their teacher.


Lunch begins for Prep at 12.40pm. Each year group goes to the Dining Hall in turn. We are proud to work with suppliers, Holroyd Howe, to offer a delicious and varied menu each day. All dietary requirements are catered for and the catering team work closely with the pupils and the Health Centre to take extra care of pupils with allergies and intolerances. There is a choice of main dishes, desserts, fruit and salads every lunchtime. The catering team also have a ‘food of the week’ which encourages children to try new things.

See the Lunch menu

Lunch options at The Blue Coat School


After lunch and a breaktime, lessons resume for Prep. A typical day in Prep has two lessons in the afternoon. Afternoon lessons span the entirety of our varied curriculum, from Modern Languages to Science or Creative Arts. Fuelled from lunchtime, Prep pupils are challenged to be curious and creative each day.

One afternoon per week will be the year group’s Games afternoon. And Friday afternoons are reserved for House assemblies, time with their Pastoral Tutor and Projects (in Year 3 and 4) or TED, Thinking, Exploring, Doing (in Year 5 and 6).

Two boys focus intently on their pottery as they shape each of their projects from clay in the Art and DT classroom


The School day finishes for Prep children and they are taken to their Year Group Hub.

The Year Group Hubs have been recently renovated. Each one is specifically designed to be age-appropriate to that year group. 

Each Hub has a games room, a craft room / iPad bar, a TV area, a reading area, a kitchen for after school snacks and plenty of space for socialising with friends. 

The Year Group Hubs offer a home away from home, and a designated space for them to relax, socialise and distinguish from their time in the classroom. 

Before and after school care

A boy and a girl play table tennis in the Year 6 Hub.


There is an extensive range of after school clubs at The Blue Coat School. Including chess, swimming, Spanish, LAMDA and much more, the problem won’t be finding a club your child wants to go to, it will be deciding which one! 


A girl dribbles the ball playing hockey on The Blue Coat School's AstroTurf pitch.


The Year Group Hubs close at 5.45pm daily. However, any after school clubs which end after 5.45pm will require parents to collect them directly from their activity location.

Two girls making sandwiches in a food technology at The Blue Coat School.

Prep Gallery

Take a look at the Prep gallery which shows you what both typical as well as special days at The Blue Coat School look like.

Prep Gallery