Headmaster’s Welcome
Headmaster's Welcome

In 2022, The Blue Coat School celebrated its 300th anniversary, a momentous milestone which showcased the long history of pioneering education on offer here.  

I thank you for showing an interest in being a part of the future of The Blue Coat School. We also appreciate the trust that parents place in me as Headmaster, and the whole staff, to inspire and educate your child. These formative school years are so vital, therefore, I want our children to receive the very best support.

We all know that choosing the right school can be a daunting process, one in which the emotional investment and financial commitment is considerable. At Blue Coat, we believe that the rewards provided by inspirational teaching are immeasurable – as is the chance to live and learn within a community that is both challenging and supportive. 

Thanks to a blend of brilliant teaching, genuine care and joint endeavour, our pupils leave us ready to cope with an ever-increasingly complex world and make their mark in a thousand different fields. 

Along the way we believe that they cement strong friendships and have a lot of fun – I see evidence of this every day. 

Noel Neeson | Headmaster 


Vision, Aims and School Values
Our Vision and Aims


Limitless Learning for Tomorrow’s Achievers


  • Nurturing a spirit of fun, adventure and curiosity in a supportive and caring Christian community.
  • Providing exceptional learning opportunities for every child through innovative and dynamic teaching.
  • Championing versatile, creative risk-takers prepared for a changing world.

Life at The Blue Coat School is fun! We have a rich curriculum that deliberately encourages our children to question and to challenge the status quo. Whether it is the outdoor experience of our Forest School or a STEAM project which combines artistic flair and mathematical thinking; whether it is performing on the stage or arriving in School for early morning cross-country; it is our aim to provide an environment of limitless learning for our pupils.

In the words of a Blue Coat parent, our children benefit from, “extensive exposure to extracurricular activity without losing focus on academic rigour.”

Indeed, pupils consistently achieve outstanding results and they are well prepared for senior school entrance examinations. Many progress with the top scholarship offers to the region’s most renowned senior schools including the Independent and Grammar Schools of the King Edward VI Foundation, Solihull School, Edgbaston High School for Girls and Bromsgrove School. Others progress to schools across the country including Cheltenham College and Wycombe Abbey, as well as 13+ entry to the likes of Repton School and Eton College.

The Class of 2022 received an impressive 204 offers to Independent Senior Schools as well as an outstanding 82 offers for Grammar Schools. In addition, 69 children were awarded 79 scholarships to independent schools both within the region and beyond. Scholarships for academic achievement were in abundance and there were also numerous awards recognising the talents of BCS pupils in sport, music and the performing arts.

Fees and Admissions

Our current Schedule of Fees & Charges is available on the website.

For information regarding fees assistance please visit our Assisted Places page.

Should you have any questions relating to our admissions process then please contact the Admissions office admissions@thebluecoatschool.com

Admissions Process

We look forward to helping you find a place for your child at The Blue Coat School. Our Admissions Registrar will be able to advise you on the current availability of places and how to register your child.

It is never too early to apply! Our places to join at 3 years (our first entry point) fill extremely quickly so we we recommend applying within the first month of birth.

If you are unable to secure a place to join at 3 years, you may wish to apply for admission at age 7 to Prep in Year 3.  We hold an Entrance Test Day and interview in February each year. Scholarships worth 25% of fees and Means-tested Bursaries are also available.

If vacancies arise outside of the formal entry points then we are able to carry out individual academic assessment or offer taster mornings depending on your child’s age. Our Admissions Registrar can advise you further.

You are warmly invited to attend an Open Morning to visit Blue Coat. Our pupils act as tour guides and can therefore tell you first hand all about Blue Coat life. Alternatively, you are welcome to contact the Admissions Registrar to arrange a personal visit on a weekday.

Our Admissions Policy, Parent and Pupil Privacy Notices and School Terms and Conditions can be found under the School Policies section.

Blue Coat Nursery
Welcome to Nursery!

At The Blue Coat School, we welcome children aged 3 years to our Nursery. Your child will be taught by a Qualified Teacher in a class of 20, supported by a qualified Early Years Teaching Assistant. In addition they will receive specialist teaching from the Prep Prep Music Teacher, Forest School Accredited Outdoor Teaching Staff and members of the Sports Department.


Entry is from the September following your child’s 3rd birthday. Children are expected to be toilet-trained before they join the Nursery. There is a part-time option of five mornings a week initially, moving to full-time during the final term in preparation for life in Reception.


The minimum number of sessions is three mornings or days.  Parents are requested to set their sessions for the term but will have the opportunity to change them for the following term.  The core day is 8.30am to 3.30pm. Children doing a morning session will leave at 1.10pm following lunch.  Before and After School Care is offered at an additional charge.  Please refer to our schedule of Fees and Charges for further information.


Nursery like to join in with whole school events and use the school facilities where ever possible!  We spend time with Chaplain and visit the Chapel, use the Pre-Prep gymnasium, watch our Pre-Prep friends in their plays and performances and help to fundraise for whole school charity appeals. We have our own Sports Day and End of Year Service and love exploring the school grounds for a nature walk or even an Easter egg hunt in the Forest School.


The children have a morning snack and a hot lunch is served in the Nursery Dining Room. We have a simplified version of the school lunches. A wide range of diets are catered for, please talk to us about your child’s requirements.


Places for our Nursery fill very quickly and we advise you to register not long after your child has been born. Priority is given to siblings of current pupils if they have registered within the first 1 month of birth. Places are allocated approximately one year in advance of entry. Parents and children are invited in for a ‘Stay and Play’ and to meet with the Head of Pre-Prep or a member of the Senior Leadership Team before a formal offer is made.

Welcome to Pre-Prep

From an early age we want to foster a love of learning and enquiry. In the Pre-Prep Department we encourage your child’s talents to flourish as their personality develops. Our staff provide a valuable link between school and home. We look forward to sharing each precious milestone and achievement with you.

Throughout each day, there are opportunities a-plenty – nurturing language skills and social skills, as well as physical development. We are extremely proud of our outstanding facilities. Right down to our youngest child in nursery, everyone benefits from these wonderful resources.


Inspiring your child from an early age

Our Pre-Prep Department begins in the Nursery with children aged 3-4 years. Unlike many schools, we begin with a traditional classroom setting and the children wear school uniform. Learning is primarily through play and exploration but our children make rapid progress with their letters, sounds and numbers and are often working well ahead of national expectations.

Reception enjoy visiting the Forest School weekly and they begin to use other areas in the school such as the swimming pool and Music room.

Moving to into Year 1 and 2, the school day becomes more structured. In addition to daily Maths and English, other subjects are taught such as Computing, Science, Humanities and Creative Arts. The majority are taught by the Class Teacher but specialist teachers will lead PE, Games, Swimming and Music Lessons.

Pre-Prep children benefit from an extensive co-curricular programme. Individual music tuition can begin with piano or violin, with the addition of Cello, Flute, Clarinet, Singing and Drumkit from Year 1 upwards. A wide range of after school clubs include activities such as Create Club, Music Makers, Dance, Drama, Coding, Aston Villa FC and Spanish.

Welcome to Prep

Turning 7 years means an opportunity to welcome more children to The Blue Coat School, as we move from three-form to four-form entry. An Entrance Test is held at the beginning of February and scholarships recognising academic and musical talent are offered, as well as financial assistance with fees.

A House system is introduced in Year 3 and the children are assigned to a House at their very own ‘Sorting Day’. There is always a great deal of anticipation on whether they will join St. George’s, St. Philip’s, St. Monica’s or a St. Margaret’s! A competitive House Competition programme ensures that the children work as a team to earn House points or compete for their House in sport, general knowledge quizzes and a House Shout.


Prep is an exciting time, the children grow in independence and begin to move around the campus for lessons. They benefit from specialist facilities including the ICT Suite, Music Centre, Creative Arts Studio and Science Laboratory.

Friday afternoon signals time for TED (Thinking, Exploring and Doing). Activities include debating, cooking and STEM, as well as getting green-fingered in the Blue Coat Garden!

The children tackle a range of exhilarating outdoor activities and develop teamwork and leadership skills on residential trips. Our aim is to nurture a spirit of fun, adventure and curiosity.


Sport is a vital part of Blue Coat life, and we want every pupil to leave The Blue Coat School having enjoyed playing different games, while developing the sporting skills necessary to appreciate the value of ‘sport for life’. This comes through an attitude towards sport which is just as important as ability.

We actively encourage pupils to participate at the best level they can to give them confidence and enthusiasm to have a lifelong love of sport. Our talented and dedicated games staff are committed to providing the best possible environment and coaching to enable each pupil to reach their full potential, as part of a team or as an individual.

During Games lessons, the emphasis is placed on the traditional main team games of rugby, football, cricket, hockey, netball and rounders. All pupils, irrespective of their particular sporting talents, are encouraged to represent the School at either a local, regional or national level. In addition, the opportunity to play for their House in House Matches and at Sports Day always brings out the competitive spirit! Parents are warmly invited to attend and support their child at fixtures.


It is well documented that adults will in future spend many hours involved in leisure and recreational activities. It is important, therefore, that at The Blue Coat School, we prepare our children to take full and active advantage of their leisure time, enabling them to enjoy good health and to have fun, whilst developing a range of important skills.

In PE lessons, our pupils are encouraged to develop skill and self-motivation, thus stimulating enjoyment, satisfaction and a sense of achievement through attainable targets. We aim to provide physical education of the highest quality and promote excellence and encourage enjoyment in all areas through specialist PE teachers.

We offer a broad and balanced curriculum, with enough differentiation to meet the variety of needs, ages, abilities and interests of every child. Our PE lessons cover a variety of activities including gymnastics, dance, athletics techniques, health and fitness, ball skills, racket skills and swimming, to name just a few.

The Blue Coat School was awarded the School Games Gold Mark for our commitment to the development of competition across the School and into the community.


Swimming plays an important role at The Blue Coat School, with children having the opportunity to enjoy a weekly swimming lesson from Reception upwards in our superb on-site four lane 25 metre facility.

The Blue Coat School has a rich history of swimming achievements competing at both regional and national level including success at the English Schools Swimming Association Championships (ESSA) and Independent Association of Prep Schools (IAPS) National Finals. Locally we enjoy success against other schools.


Our curriculum swimming lessons are fun, engaging and offer our children an opportunity to learn to swim at The Blue Coat School in familiar surroundings.

As they move into Prep, The Blue Coat School offers inter-house swimming galas which are always hotly contested! We also run training sessions for our Performance and Development groups before school.

Creative Arts
Creative Arts

In a busy and pressurised world, the Creative Arts Department at The Blue Coat School provides a haven, where ideas can flow freely and messy experimenting provides a no fail environment for learning. Pupils gain a solid grounding in the key skills of drawing, painting, clay and more.

Art at The Blue Coat School leads to a secure and fearless ‘can do’ attitude to the subject, which is underpinned by Art History and a thirst to be creative.  At its core, respect for the individual is nurtured and curiosity about art from other cultures is encouraged.

The children in Prep visit the Art Studio for their weekly lessons which happen on a termly rotation with Design and Technology.  However, Art actually begins right from when a pupil first joins the Nursery and continues through Pre-Prep as the children move up the School.

Develop, Stimulate and Excite

At The Blue Coat School, we seek to provide an environment safe from criticism, in which your child may explore and develop his/her own creativity.

Many cross-curricular links with other subject areas are also developed to enhance their learning. ICT is embedded in the curriculum and provides the opportunity for research and digital manipulation.

The children benefit from workshops with Artists-in-Residence, such as a landscape architect, graphic designer and sculptor. The children’s work is regularly exhibited at regional and national Art Exhibitions and Competitions.  Pupils also visit the nearby Barber Institute where they can be inspired to consider how talents can take them into Art as a career path.



Computing at The Blue Coat School is an integral part of the children’s daily learning. We aim to embed the use of technology in all lessons.

Pre-Prep children have regular access to Chromebooks and iPads whilst Prep pupils receive specialist Computing lessons each week in our iMac equipped Media Centre. As well as teaching core Computing skills (Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Presentations etc.), each pupil learns a range of exciting skills ranging from touch typing, HTML web design, visual and code programming, to interactive game development and mobile app creation.

The children work on exciting media-based projects using a variety of hardware and enjoy recording and editing video (with green-screen technology where appropriate), digital photography and the manipulation of still images, the editing of slide shows and videos to combine sound and picture.

Computing is a subject area that is constantly evolving. We respond to new technologies and what the children are now accessing. Online safety lessons ensure the children know how to use the Internet responsibly and we place great emphasis on developing their skills so that all pupils become confident, responsible and effective users of technology.

Outdoor Education
Outdoor Education

Blue Coat has always been at the forefront of modern technology. It is our aim to provide the children with an understanding of and an appreciation for the simple, but vital technologies that are a part of everyday life and quite possibly overlooked in our busy urban environment.

The BCS garden and Forest School provide our children with access to the outdoors. They give them the opportunities to explore and experience the natural world in a safe, familiar and easily accessible environment. They love these experiences!

Outdoor Education is a new part of the Blue Coat curriculum and the School has three qualified Forest School Leaders. Opportunities  are offered to the whole school including Nursery, who now have a new venue for their teddy bears’ picnic and other nature excursions.



Year 3 pupils enjoy their first school residential in the familiar setting of Forest School.  The children spend a day enjoying a range of outdoor activities including team games, a ‘night walk’, building bug hotels, making wild bunting and learning knife-skills and how to whittle a piece of wood before a sleepover in the Prep Houses.

In the later years between the ages of 8 and 11 years, the children venture further afield to Wales and Cheshire. There they spend a few days and nights and have the opportunity to ‘be at one’ with nature, to learn how to safely light a fire, receive wilderness first aid training and to have the chance to sleep under the stars.




At The Blue Coat School we aim to foster a love of History by bringing the subject alive through interactive study.  Each topic is introduced with a ‘Wow’ day. These include a visit from a Roman soldier, a caveman and experiencing a day in the life of a typical Tudor.

The children investigate characteristic features of past societies and periods and explore key events in each of these time periods. They learn what life would have been like and compare and contrast this to life today.


During their History lessons, pupils will work with a variety of sources to investigate key events and historical figures and evaluate sources of information and identify those that are useful for particular tasks.

By the end of their time at Blue Coat, the children will have learned about the Romans, the Stone Age, the Victorians, Aztecs, Tudors, Vikings and Anglo Saxons, the Indus Valley, Ancient Greeks and Egyptians, and also World War One.


Geography is studied as part of our Humanities curriculum. Map work through the use of atlases and digital mapping is embedded through each topic taught from Year 3 to Year 6. The children begin by locating countries and cities and move on to using maps to identify latitude and longitude.

During their time at Blue Coat, the children will cover topics including an in-depth study of Italy and India, farming in the UK and volcanoes. In later years the children study the infrastructure of Britain through motorway networks, canals and railways. As well as the human and physical geography of modern day Mexico, comparing and contrasting this with Britain.


The Religious Education curriculum in Prep encompasses the study of the six major world religions with a particular emphasis on Christianity. Pupils learn about and reflect upon the teachings, beliefs, customs, practises and traditions of different religions.

During the lessons the pupils learn through a variety of activities including discussion, debate, role play, ICT activities, a wide variety of writing activities, class assemblies, Art using a variety of media and educational visits.

Religious art forms an exciting part of the curriculum incorporating a cross-curricular Art project in Year 6. The children also study founders of religions and leadership, places of worship, sacred texts, religious festivals and finally, religious ‘big questions’.  This gives the pupils a chance to debate moral and theological issues.

The Blue Coat School promotes respect and understanding of each other’s religions through the RE curriculum.


Music is an integral part of life at The Blue Coat School. We recognise that being an active listener or a participant in musical activities raises and refines cognitive skills, as well as teaching children to interact with one another at a higher social level.

In Prep, class music lessons are taught in the Saville Music Centre. Equipped with a suite of iMacs, we are able to include music technology as a key feature of our academic music syllabus. In tandem with the Music Department, great emphasis is given to the Performing Arts. Pupils develop self-confidence and collaborative skills by taking part in shows and plays in our splendid auditorium.


Singing is at the heart of our curriculum, be it in Chapel, in class or in one of our many choirs. Learning to sing or to play any instrument requires effort, self-discipline and commitment; we believe these are important life skills that can have a positive impact on other areas of Blue Coat life. The Chapel Choir is the flagship of the Music Department. Many children aspire to join it and the audition process is rigorous. The choir leads the Chapel Worship every Friday.


Identifying musicality at an early age is a key objective. We have a proven track record in helping children find the right instrument and in enabling parents to support their child’s musical development at home. Over 300 individual instrumental music lessons are given at school each week, delivered by our expert team of Visiting Music Teachers. It is not uncommon for pupils to achieve Grade 5 standard (or higher) before they leave Blue Coat. For further information please contact our Music Department Administrator or complete an Instrumental Lesson Application Form.

Each term our young instrumentalists are given the opportunity to play in concerts and recitals in front of a supportive and encouraging audience. Our annual BCS Young Musician of the Year event is hotly contested and the standard is truly remarkable.

We have a large number of Music Groups and Ensembles ranging from our junior music ensemble Fiddlesticks, which provides group music-making experiences for our fledgling musicians to our Jazz Band and School Orchestra. Pupils are entered for instrumental music examinations at regular intervals, ensuring the development of secure technique and musicianship.


“The Scientist is not the person who gives the right answers, they are the ones who ask the right questions.”
Claude Levi Strauss

This is a maxim we hold dear here at The Blue Coat School. Our children are encouraged to develop a scientific view of the world in which they live and to ask questions about the things that they experience.

To be able to ask the right questions the children are taught many skills and are encouraged to develop a methodical and thoughtful approach to science. Making use of our well-equipped and resourced Laboratory children work through a structured and well-planned curriculum covering Life Science, Physical Science and Earth Science. There is always an emphasis on practical, ‘hands on’ learning and this prepares the children as they progress to Senior School.

Year 6 children participate in a Science Fair and are tasked to follow a scientific method to research and investigate their chosen scientific question. They are supported and guided through the process, but the emphasis is very much centered on the children and how they answer the question they have posed. A panel of external Science teachers and lecturers from neighbouring schools and universities judge the Science Fair and we are proud to say that the judges always comment on the high standards achieved by our children.

The Blue Coat Garden and Forest School enable the children to experience a wide range of activities outside the classroom. The potential for scientific discovery is vast and we are excited by these new initiatives, which dovetail into our Life Skills and Outdoor Education programmes.


At The Blue Coat School students learn French for one hour a week from Year 3 to Year 6.  Lessons are designed to be engaging and fun to foster a love of language learning at a young age. Each year several children also participate in the national Junior Language Competition. BCS has strong track record of  pupils successfully qualifying for the semi-final and final rounds, including a past winner in 2016!

To begin with, the learning focus is mainly on oral language; through songs, stories and rhymes, which also allows the children to engage with the cultural differences between the UK and French speaking countries.  There are plenty of opportunities for the children to use IT, and iPads are often used in the classroom to facilitate role plays, games, and recording stories.


As the children progress through Prep they will gradually be using more written language and learning about the different sound and spelling links that exist between English and French.  Skills such as using foreign language and online dictionaries will be honed, as well as practising reading a variety of different texts.

In Year 5 pupils participate in a French penpal exchange. The highlight however is the opportunity to go on a residential school trip to France at the end of Year 6.



Our teachers have a real passion for Mathematics and aim to promote enjoyment and enthusiasm through engaging mental activities, practical tasks, enquiry, exploration and discussion.  Our vision is for the children to leave The Blue Coat School as confident and highly-competent mathematicians with a depth of understanding of the subject and the ability to apply their learning.

In Mathematics the children are taught the concepts, skills and creative and critical thinking strategies that are essential in everyday life and contribute to learning across the curriculum, particularly in the fields of Science, Technology and Engineering.

We cover all aspects of the National Curriculum for Mathematics and extend and enrich our curriculum with a variety of challenges and events, utilising links with other subject areas.

In Prep, the children are set for Mathematics lessons to ensure appropriate challenge for each and every child.  Teaching groups are small.  The results are impressive.

The children have the opportunity to represent Blue Coat at several mathematics competitions at local schools such as King Edwards’ School and Malvern St. James, as well as nationally in the Quiz Club Inter-School Championships.

In addition, all Year 5 and 6, and some Year 4 pupils take part in the National Primary Maths Challenge which is aimed at the top 60% of pupils in Years 5 and 6 England and Wales.


At Blue Coat School, we believe that the English language is fundamental to access all curriculum areas for our setting and beyond. Lifelong learning is our vision, through quality first teaching; excellent subject knowledge and high expectation of all pupils. We aim for all pupils to foster a love of reading and writing, through a broad and balanced curriculum.

Reading for pleasure is what we strive for and at The Blue Coat School, we still have a dedicated library session built in to our weekly learning. Rich texts are studied to understand how to develop a writer’s voice. Language choices are examined through texts and passages; learning about grammatical structures and punctuation.

Thinking, Exploring, Doing
Thinking, Exploring, Doing (TED)

Friday afternoons for Years 5 and 6 are devoted to subjects not traditionally found on the primary school timetable – the objective being to get our children Thinking, Exploring and Doing!  Pupils experience new opportunities and develop their learning outside of traditional academic areas and not surprisingly they love this part of the week. Each term will see further activities with additional squad practices thrown into the mix. With such a varied programme there’s certainly something for everyone!

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), is popular with those of an experimental bent, whilst Mrs Creaton is in the Mock Courtroom listening to the children’s persuasive powers of debating. All of the above come under the title of Thinking.

Anyone wishing to do some Exploring can enter the world of a young journalist in MediaMania and work with a range of cameras, editing equipment and green screen backdrops. Creatively, the children can cook up a storm with Mr Moss in the Blue Coat kitchen, or learn skills of embroidery, knitting and woollen crafts. Outdoor options offer a chance to get ‘hands-on’ in the Blue Coat garden.

The Doing collective hone their sports skills in Rugby, Netball and Hockey in the Michaelmas Term, and later in the year travel to The Priory Club for Squash and Tennis.


All pupils are expected to stay for lunch, the cost of which is included in the school fees. School lunches are cooked in the school kitchen under the supervision of our catering company, Holroyd Howe, who specialise in high quality catering for independent schools. With the exception of Nursery children who dine in their own dining area, the Year 1 to Year 6 pupils all have lunch in the School Dining Hall or the Marquee.

Special attention is given to the nutritional value of the meals, and provision is made for vegetarians, vegans and those with special dietary needs. Please inform us of any special dietary requirements, preferences or food allergies.

Lunch is eaten under the supervision of teachers and catering staff, and mealtimes are treated as an important social occasion.


Our facilities are worthy of many a senior school, let alone a Prep school! The children and staff benefit from exceptional teaching and learning resources. These include a 25m indoor swimming pool, AstroTurf pitch and cricket nets, Forest School, two brand new science laboratories, IT Suite with recording booth and green screen technology, Music Centre with Apple Macs and composing software, a Creative Arts Studio, Auditorium, School Chapel and extensive playing fields, to name just a few!

Our beautiful and well resourced 15-acre campus enables us to offer over 120 clubs and activities a week, including activities outside of the curriculum such as sailing, golf and tennis. In addition, senior pupils experience cooking, debating, gardening and STEM as part of our Friday afternoon Thinking, Exploring and Doing Programme.

The whole school often gather in the School Hall for assemblies and workshops. This auditorium has retractable seating and its own sound booth and lighting rig. The children have the opportunity to perform in a number of recitals, concerts and drama productions each year in this spacious facility.

Another well-used building is the School Chapel which was consecrated in 1932 shortly after the School moved to its Harborne premises. Families and friends are invited to attend weekly Chapel Service on a Friday morning.


At The Blue Coat School, children are given as many opportunities as possible to develop a broad range of hobbies and interests through our Co-Curricular programme. The School provides a vast range of activities each week, including Coding, Spanish, gymnastics, Art Club, LAMDA, Chess and many more!

We believe that learning does not stop once academic lessons do, and therefore we encourage all children to take part in many different activities throughout their time at Blue Coat. The value of these co-curricular activities is not limited to the skill or knowledge that is being practised but also wider-ranging skills such as cooperation, perseverance, problem-solving and effort are reinforced in co-curricular clubs.

An activity charge is levied when the School needs to employ additional staff to lead a specific activity. Thus, whilst team practices and full orchestral sessions run by our own staff are not charged, other activities such as cricket coaching and judo, taken by external providers, are.


Ensembles and groups exist for children to learn to perform music together, enhancing their own listening skills and further developing their individual skills. Groups include: Fiddlesticks, Chamber Choir, Chapel Choir, Flute Choir, Guitar Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, Music Theory, Percussion Group, String Groups, Wind Band, and Year Group Choir.


A number of external providers offer holiday activities at The Blue Coat School during the school holidays. These are attended by our pupils as well as children from surrounding schools. Please see the links below for further details:

Pastoral Care


Snuggled amongst the classrooms you will find The Lighthouse, a warm, calm safe place where Chaplain can be found. Pupils (and staff) are welcome to drop in at any time to chat about the good the bad and the ugly in life! At The Blue Coat School, pastoral care is achieved through team work. The Chaplaincy plays its own unique role in supporting children, staff and parents.

Wrap-around Care
Wrap-around Care


A Breakfast Club is available each morning for Reception upwards from 7.30am in the Dining Hall.  Nursery children and those not attending Breakfast Club can be dropped off from 8.00am onwards. Nursery and Pre-Prep go straight to the classroom whilst Prep are looked after in their Year Group Houses.




Aftercare is organised in three sessions in Nursery and in Pre-Prep.  Parents do not have to book the same sessions every day. The three sessions are as follows: 3:30 pm – 4:15 pm, 4:15 pm – 5:00 pm and 5:00 pm – 5:45 pm.  Children are given a light tea such as sandwiches and fruit during the first session. Children in Aftercare are able to participate in other activities and then return to Aftercare.

Ad hoc Aftercare sessions can be requested and will be confirmed if a place is available. As places are limited, parents are requested to inform the Pre-Prep Office as soon as possible if a session is not required. Aftercare is charged for on a sessional basis.

Prep children remaining after school will be given a snack of sandwiches and milk. They are looked after in the Year Group Bubble and can stay until 5.45pm. This is included in the school fees. Children are able to participate in co-curricular activities and then return to the Bubble.


Unique to life in Prep at The Blue Coat School, are the much-loved Houses – St. George’s and St. Philip’s for the boys and St. Monica’s and St. Margaret’s for the girls.

Everyone has an opportunity to represent his or her House in sports matches and inter-house competitions such as the House Shout and House Quiz are keenly contested.  Teaching and Support Staff are assigned to each House and are equally as proud and loyal to the House as the children and parents!

The Prep Houses are involved in fundraising and each run a House Charity Day where the children inform the rest of School in assembly about their chosen cause and run activities throughout the day including a cake sale to raise money.

Our House Head and House Mascots
Pupil Voices
Pupil Voices

What better way to find out what Blue Coat is really like than ask the pupils themselves! Read on for a selection of our Year 6 pupils’ comments.


“BCS is a safe place to learn, play and create lasting memories with your friends.”



“The teachers are all kind and we learn while having fun.”



“We have a great variety of lessons throughout the week.”



“I love all the opportunities we have at BCS.”



“The Houses are fun because there is a very warm and welcoming atmosphere.”



“We get so many chances to be in the sports teams and we get to train in brilliant facilities.”



“Music competitions help us aim higher and it is fun listening to different kinds of music.”



“Blue Coat is one big family.”

Scholarships and Bursaries
Scholarships and Bursaries

At Blue Coat we offer six scholarships to children joining Year 3 each September. There are four academic awards and two for musical excellence. The reduction of fees is 25% for those in receipt of a scholarship. Both internal and external pupils are eligible for an award.

To be eligible prospective pupils must be registered for entry no later than in  the January of Year 2, before they are due to move up to Year 3.



Four Academic Scholarships are awarded to children who perform particularly well in the 7+ Entrance Test.  There is no need to make a separate application for an academic scholarship – all children who would like to join Year 3 (both internal and external) are automatically considered.



Two Music Scholarships are normally awarded each year to pupils joining Year 3. In addition, up to two Music Exhibitions may be awarded to cover the cost of instrumental tuition on one instrument.  Scholarships are only awarded if the child has also met the academic entry requirements of the 7+ Entrance Test.

Music Scholars are expected to have already taken their Grade 2 exam, be working towards doing so, or to be the equivalent standard if they do not take formal music exams on their chosen instrument. They must have been learning their instrument for a minimum of 12 months. Voice may count as an instrument.

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to audition. They should prepare one piece on their first instrument or perform two shorter pieces on two instruments. Following this, the Director of Music will hold a sight-reading test of an appropriate standard on the candidate’s first instrument, a series of short aural tests and a discussion of the candidate’s musical interests and experience to date. A confidential written report will also be required from the child’s music teacher.


The Blue Coat School has a generous bursary scheme that has seen numerous children attend the School that would otherwise have been unable to benefit from a Blue Coat education.

Indeed, the origins of The Blue Coat School began with all its pupils funded through subscription. The School is committed to continuing this tradition of support, and today, offers a number of means-tested Assisted Places to children entering Year 3. These may be children transferring from Pre-Prep or joining from another school. Depending on the financial circumstances of parents or guardians, children may qualify for a part-award or a full bursary.

If you would like to know if your child is eligible for a bursary, please submit an enquiry form on the website.

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