At The Blue Coat School, children are given as many opportunities as possible to develop a broad range of hobbies and interests through our Co-Curricular programme. The School provides a vast range of activities each week, including gymnastics, fencing, Creative Arts Club, STEM, LAMDA, Chess and many more!

We believe that learning does not stop once academic lessons do, and therefore we encourage all children to take part in many different activities throughout their time at Blue Coat. The value of these co-curricular activities is not limited to the skill or knowledge that is being practised but also wider-ranging skills such as cooperation, perseverance, problem-solving and effort are reinforced in co-curricular clubs.

An activity charge is levied when the School needs to employ additional staff to lead a specific activity. Thus, whilst team practices and full orchestral sessions run by our own staff are not charged, other activities such as cricket coaching and judo, taken by external providers, are.


Ensembles and groups exist for children to learn to perform music together, enhancing their own listening skills and further developing their individual skills. Groups include: Fiddlesticks, Chamber Choir, Chapel Choir, Flute Choir, Guitar Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, Music Theory, Percussion Group, String Groups, Wind Band, and Year Group Choir.


A number of external providers offer holiday activities at The Blue Coat School during the school holidays. These are attended by our pupils as well as children from surrounding schools. Please see the links below for further details:

King’s Camps – holiday club for children aged over five years.

Aston Villa Football Club

Complete Cricket

Diamond Swim Academy