The Blue Coat staff try to identify any children with Learning Support Needs or Special Educational Needs at an early stage and the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinators (SENCo) liaise closely with staff to coordinate additional support.


In consultation with parents, the staff refer to the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator for advice about any child whom they may suspect has a particular difficulty or aptitude. In accordance with the Code of Practice, a special programme of learning activities is devised and the child may be removed from his or her class for individual or small group tuition on a long or short term basis. The child’s progress is reviewed regularly and parents are consulted and encouraged to help with their child’s special programme of work.


In Pre-Prep children may be taught in small groups for some of the English and Mathematics lessons so that they can be given more individual attention. In Prep the Learning Success Programme offers all pupils the opportunity to work in small groups to consolidate their learning or have further support where required.

Further details of provision for the welfare and education of children with learning support or special educational needs are set out in the Policy for Special Educational Needs and Disability


For our pupils identified as gifted or talented in a particular subject we offer many opportunities for curriculum enrichment to broaden their learning and offer greater depth to their knowledge.  Some of the opportunities can be through visits, exhibitions, sporting events and musical concerts.