The House System

At the end of Year 2, a ‘Sorting Ceremony’ takes place to determine a pupil’s House across their years in Year 3 to Year 6. There are six Houses: Birmingham House, Cathedral House, Chandler House, Grace House, Lichfield House and School House.

Everyone has an opportunity to represent their House in sports matches and inter-house competitions such as the House Shout and House Quiz, which are keenly contested. Teaching and Support Staff are assigned to each House and are equally as proud and loyal to the House as the children and parents!

The Houses are involved in fundraising and each run a House Charity Day where the children inform the rest of the school in assembly about their chosen cause and run activities throughout the day including a cake sale to raise money. As much as £10,000 can be raised from a single charity day!

The children are all proud to wear their House T Shirts for House events.


Birmingham House badge

House Lead: Mrs Somerville

House Lead: Mrs Walker

House Lead: Mrs Redfern

House Lead: Mrs Newman

Lichfield House Badge

House Lead: Mrs Stockton


School House badge

House Lead: Mr Melia











Buddy System

The buddy system in Prep centres around the Houses, as a Year 6 pupil buddies up with a Year 3 pupil from their House. Every Friday, they meet up to attend the weekly house assembly, delivered by their House Head.