In the French Alps, our tale does begin, 
With Ben, Ellie, Freddie and carving guru Finn.  
Katherine and George, a bold ski pair, 
Amadora, Loic and Flo, conquer slopes with flair.


James and Annabelle, smoothly ski-linked, 
Liam, Susie and Paarus, on slopes, their joy synced. 
Tamara, Jago and Arjun in tow, 
Noah, Nush, Ila, Camilla’s radiant glow. 


Rayan, Charissa, Zimo, and Kyra, 
Lexi and Rohan with boundless ski desire. 
Under the watchful eyes of staff so keen, 
Bennett, Somerville, and Newman, the skiing scene.


Now let’s dive into the ski trip tale, 
Of ups and downs, with laughter prevail. 
To Serre Chevalier, a snowy delight, 
27 kids and staff took flight.


Birmingham Airport, an early start, 
Chicken nuggets for breakfast, quite a part. 
Concerns for Kyra, a momentary fright, 
But all on board, ready for the flight.


Turin bound, a foggy affair, 
Grenoble awaits, but not there. 
A change of plans, a twist in fate, 
To Grenoble again, through the air we navigate.


Beautiful Alps, a sight to behold, 
Flo’s stomach turned as the roads rolled. 
Andrea’s induction, a night’s sweet repose, 
Ready for adventure, the excitement grows.


Alarm clocks ring at 7.00 each morn, 
Breakfast at 7.30, a routine sworn. 
Ski boots on, helmets secure, 
ESF instructors, the adventure mature.


Lionel, Jordan and Romaine’s cool charm, 
Guiding the kids and keeping them safe from harm. 
The walk to slopes, tales unfold, 
Goggles lost, ski passes left in the cold.


Champagne Moment, a nightly delight, 
Fluorescent helmets, a hilarious sight. 
James, Ben, and Ila beam with glee, 
Stories from slopes, as entertaining as can be.


Camilla into a tree, George’s ski spree, 
Arjun climbing ice, a sight to see.
But falls on lifts, the tales do win, 
Amadora’s wipeout, knocking over Katherine.


Progress and fears conquered on the blue, 
An adventurous duo, Jago and Romaine, it’s true. 
Snowball fights, battles of might, 
Jago may win some, but Romaine wins the night.

A group of Year 6 boys smile at the camera during their ski trip.
A group of Year 6 pupils pose in front of a lovely view of snowy mountains while on their ski trip.

Pontillas gondola, Casse du Boeuf’s lift, 
Stunning views, spirits adrift. 
Mrs Bennett, Katherine, Elle in the lead, 
Advanced group speeds, a breathtaking deed.


Evening delights, games and fun, 
Twister and pool, the night’s begun. 
Karaoke, a sing-off spree, 
‘Sweet Caroline,’ a harmonious glee.


Piscine Municipal, diving delight, 
Freddie, Loic, Noah, catching the sight. 
Sherpa supermarket, a nervous air, 
Closing early to avoid the BCS glare.


Coca Cola, Haribo, Pringles to savor,  
Next year’s sponsors, as we indulge in their flavor.  
Nutella waffles, a Euro’s delight,
Camilla ensures toppings are just right.


Issy’s gaze, Casse du Boeuf’s height, 
Dorms filled with pop, sweets, and mischief at night. 
Tidy dorm awards, a nightly quest, 
Digestives left, a bribe to be the best.


BCS Values shining bright, 
Ben, Susie, Paarus, Zimo’s light. 
Ice skating fun, a grace displayed, 
Helping others, the accolades laid.


Mrs Somerville, a health guide so wise, 
Aches and pains, the end denies. 
Ryan’s calmness, a hospital check, 
Weather’s favor, no need to fret.


Sunshine, blue skies, a week so divine, 
Snowfall on the final day, a sight to define. 
Awards evening, recognition in the air, 
SkiBound thanks, but Mrs Bennett, the crown to wear.


Tamara’s words, a wonderful bow, 
Mrs Bennett’s week, the best, they avow. 
A week engraved, in memories to stay, 
Thank you for the laughter, the skiing, hooray!