The annual Sports Days at BCS exceeded all expectations this year, the School grounds were immersed in spirited competition, athletic prowess, and boundless enthusiasm. Pupils from Years 3 to 6 represented their respective Houses, each vying for glory, points, and ultimately, the prestigious Headmaster’s House Cup. Tuesday and Friday were both packed with a myriad of thrilling events, fostering camaraderie, sportsmanship, and unforgettable memories. The pupils donned their House colours with pride, showcasing unwavering loyalty to their respective teams.

The highlight of both days came during the fiercely contested House Relay, where each pupil competed to form a formidable team. Each year group erupted with cheers as they sprinted back and forth down the track, passing the baton with split-second precision. The atmosphere was electric, as the victor emerged by the narrowest of margins, igniting jubilant celebrations among the winning house.

Sports Days embody the true spirit of sportsmanship at BCS. They creating an atmosphere of healthy competition and fostering lifelong memories. As well as providing a platform for pupils to showcase their talents, develop their skills, and cultivate a strong sense of belonging within their Houses. With a renewed passion for sports, the young athletes left the day with a shared determination to continue their pursuit of excellence, both on and off the field.


The Junior Sports Day results were:

1st St Monica’s – 373 points

2nd St Philip’s – 307 points

3rd St George’s – 288 points

4th St Margaret’s – 226 points


The Senior Sports Day results will be announced in the final assembly next week!

New Junior Records

Ava-Mae Crouch – Long Jump 3.12m

Sonam Hulait – Cricket Ball Throw 25.65m

Roman Wadhwa – Ball Throw 43.77m

Roman Wadhwa  – Long Jump 3.46m

Samson Isola – High Jump 1.10m

Samson Isola –  50m 7.85s

Samson Isola – 100m 15.40s

New Senior Records

In the morning (Year 5), Alayna Latif broke the cricket ball throw with a throw of 29.89m, however, Mia Sargeant then broke the record in the afternoon (Year 6) with a throw of 32.34m

Aditya Solanki – Ball Throw 50.25m

Ben Tucker – 75m 11.17s

Anna Newman – 300m 49.79s

Serena Wadhwa – Long Jump 3.93m

Serena Wadhwa – 100m 14.43s

Serena Wadhwa – 200m 30.90s