The Blue Coat School has an outstanding academic record and our pupils make rapid progress in all areas of the curriculum. After researching other assessment models we created our own bespoke e-learning platform called The BCS Blue. 


The BCS Blue is a secure, web-based interface in which staff, parents and pupils can view achievements, progress, and the next steps. It has already been shortlisted for two notable national awards which recognise the Blue’s holistic approach and use of technology.


The BCS Blue is a two-year programme and awards will be presented at the end of Years 2, 4 and 6. Pupils will graduate with a standard Blue or a Blue with Merit, Distinction or Headmaster’s Honours.

Pupils are able to take ownership of their own learning and pupil achievements in seven core areas of learning are assessed and given equal weighting to ensure all aspects of the children’s learning is celebrated:

Academic Languages (English and French)
Academic Sciences (Mathematics, Computing and Science)
Humanities (History, Geography and Religious Education)
Creative Arts (Art and Design Technology)
Sport (Games, PE and Swimming)
Performing Arts (Music)
Values and Life Skills (BCS Values and PSHE)


At The Blue Coat School, we want to ensure that all our children achieve their potential and leave us as well-rounded individuals. The BCS Blue focuses not only on academic achievement, but also in providing data on the values, skills and attitudes that are necessary for pupils to succeed in a changing world.