At The Blue Coat School, Early Years Foundation Staff (EYFS) staff aim to promote and nurture the sense of wonder and curiosity that children of this age naturally possess. Through the EYFS curriculum the children develop an ability to question and to think for themselves. Staff regularly assess the children throughout the EYFS so that activities can be provided to support them in their next steps in their learning and development.

In Reception the children follow the EYFS Areas of Learning and Development. There are three Prime Areas: Communication and Language; Physical Development; and Personal, Social and Emotional Development. There are also four Specific Areas: Literacy; Mathematics; Understanding the World; and Expressive Arts and Design.

Topics and themes are developed according to the interests of the children. Activities are planned for the children throughout the day but there are lots of opportunities for the children to explore their own ideas and interests too. Learning is predominantly through play and exploration. Play is the natural way in which children learn, it is the process through which children can explore, investigate, recreate and come to understand their world. Play is a means for children to establish, practise and test everything they know as well as make sense of what is new.

There are short, whole class teaching sessions during which new concepts are introduced but all of the other work is undertaken on a one-to-one basis with the Teacher or the Teaching Assistant. This enables the children to progress at their own rate, and activities are planned for each child’s individual needs and stage of development.

In Reception the children build on the knowledge and skills that they have learnt in Nursery. Learning continues to be through play and exploration together with teacher led activities. The children are given new opportunities to extend their learning and assessments are continued as they progress towards the Early Learning Goals at the end of the Reception year.

The children are supported in their learning by the Class Teacher and the Teaching Assistant. Activities are planned for each child’s individual needs and stage of development. Blue Coat School children make excellent progress following a broad and balanced curriculum.

Outdoor learning is an important part of the EYFS and so the children regularly take part in activities in the Early Years Play Area, outside the classrooms or in the school grounds.

Access to individual music lessons starts at an early age at The Blue Coat School and children in Nursery and Reception can begin Piano or Violin lessons with one of our Visiting Music Teachers.