Outside of joining at age 3 and age 7, places only arise to join Blue Coat if children leave the school. This is rare, but places do sometimes arise. We therefore have waiting lists for each age group.

If no places are available to join Blue Coat for your child’s age group, please just send an email to Mrs Kearney with your child’s name and date of birth, as well as the parents’ contact details. We will then keep you updated each year and be in touch as soon as a place arises. Places can arise at any point during the academic year so children do sometimes start at Blue Coat midway through a year group.

There is no numerical order to a waiting list. Should a place arise in a given age group, places are allocated as follows –

– To any children who have siblings currently at the School.

– Based on how soon families have applied after birth.

– We also try to ensure a balance of boys and girls in each year group and help families with siblings who have provisional places to join the school the following academic year.

If no places arise in a given year then we will let you know and will check whether you would like your child to remain on our waiting list for the following year. There is therefore no need to apply for the waiting list each year – children will just move to the next age group if you would still like them to be considered.

Children on the waiting list under the age of 6 are welcome to be considered for entry at age 7. Fore more details on this entry point please click here.