On Monday, as part of their Humanities topic about The Aztecs, Year 4 went on a trip to Cadbury World. The children took part in an educational talk where they learnt more about The Aztecs and how they lived their lives. Some children even got to dress up as an Emperor or Aztec Jaguar Warrior, people who were high up in Aztec society! The children also learnt more about the Aztec emperor Montezuma II and the invasion by the Spanish, led by Hernán Cortés, which ended the Aztec empire. 

The children also enjoyed a tour of Cadbury. This included finding more about the history of the company and how it has evolved over time. The children also wrote their names in chocolate and got a taste of some melted Cadbury chocolate with toppings of their choice. At the end of the trip the children were treated to not one but three Cadbury chocolate bars. It was a fantastic day for all – both children and teachers!