A great children’s character – Winnie the Pooh – once asked his friend, Christopher Robin, “What should happen if you forget about me?” Christopher’s response to this will resonate with teachers, “Silly old bear, I won’t ever forget about you.” No matter how many classes walk through our doors, we never forget the impact that each child makes. 

This year’s Enrichment Week for our Year 6 Leavers certainly will help to keep the special memories of the year alive for many years to come. 

The children started off their penultimate week of Year 6 by combining teamwork, communication and risk taking on an adventure-filled day at Aztec Adventure. During the day, the children took part in a range of land and water based activities from bellboating to kayaking to taking on the dizzying heights of the climbing wall and mast.  All children stepped up to the challenge and spent much of the day lavishing in their shared experiences. It was uncertain of who enjoyed themselves more – the teachers or the pupils!

On Tuesday 11th July, the children enjoyed an array of activities as part of their final week of term. A session with the British Military Martial Arts focused on self defence and non-violent conflict avoidance followed by a very active Archery Tag session on the back field. In their final Art session, pupils contributed to a whole year mosaic. The piece is inspired by the work of Keith Haring, incorporating figures in all 4 colours of the BCS Houses, demonstrating a sense of unity. We intend for the piece to be displayed somewhere within The Hub as a lasting reminder of the class of 2022. The children also had the chance to spend a final hour in the Forest School and in Blue Coat’s swimming pool. 

The houses came together for one last time to celebrate in style with their House Heads with the boys making their way into the forest and the girls enjoying a beautifully decorated classroom. The parties included: pizza (lots of it!), ice cream, reminiscing, dancing and making final memories with friends. 

To end the day, the children dressed in their finest clothes for a night of boogying at the Leavers’ Disco. Dancing and celebrating with friends was the course of the evening (along with a big pot of sweets to keep up their energy!) The night ended with a special rendition of Sweet Caroline which certainly brought in the crowds of Aston Villa fans! 

From all of your Year 6 teachers, we wish you all the very best of luck and you will certainly be missed as you start your next journey.