Congratulations to our Super Blue Competition winners: Ashwin, Shane, Maya and Morgan. Mr Neeson presented the children with their Redpoint Climbing vouchers in Monday’s assembly, after drawing the lucky winners’ names out of a hard hat!

The crossword competition, devised by pupils Emmie and Rufus, featured in the relaunched edition of Super Blue magazine, which was produced by the Year 6 Media Options group last year. We hope that many of you have enjoyed reading this publication which was put together under the guidance of Mr Morris and Miss Paddock at the end of the summer term.

We are now looking forward to seeing what the current Year 6 come up with in their enrichment activities this year. The former Options programme has been relaunched as TED (Thinking, Exploring and Doing), and will take place every Friday in Period 5. Our new Headmaster will be running STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) which falls under our Thinking category and will give the children the chance to investigate how planes fly through the four forces of flight. They will be undertaking lots of exciting experiments such as making balloon buggies, bottle rockets and parachutes!

Other groups will include Productive Gardens (Exploring), Squash at The Priory Club (Doing) and many more! Perhaps our Young Journalists (Exploring) can report back to us on the success of TED later in the term?